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Climbing/Battle Ropes


  • Vulcan poly-blend and manila climbing and battling ropes.
  • This ropes are constructed of polypropylene and polyester or manila.
  • It has a polyboot end attached to make it resistant to fraying and very durable.
  • The poly blend rope won’t deteriorate, shed, and can be used in outdoor as well as indoor applications.
  • The manila rope is made of a natural fiber and is preferred by some for climbing due to its texture
  • Great for Crossfit® training.
* Be Aware: Rope climbing can be dangerous! Vulcan Strength does not recommend climbing ropes without using several landing pads at the base of all climbing ropes. All ropes and securing hardware should be checked regularly and replaced at the first sign of wear. By purchasing this product you as the customer of Vulcan Strength absolve Vulcan Strength from any and all claims or responsibility for negligence to properly secure rope or hardware, improper mounting etc. Please ensure you are ordering the correct length. Ropes are customized per order and non exchangeable.

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