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Competition Bumper Plates Sets

Competition Bumper Plates - Absolute Version

Vulcan Absolute Competition bumper plate weights are guaranteed to within 10 grams of stated weight. All plates are weighed before leaving our warehouse on scales accurate within 1 gram. Thinner profile than most Olympic weight plates allows you to fit more plates on the bar. Raised lettering is coated with indelible ink that will not come off or fade like most competition plates. Discs are glass bead blasted to provide great aesthetic look after multiple uses. Rubber sits approximately 1.25 mm above disc to ensure super tight fit and no metal to metal contact between bumper plates. The steel discs of the Vulcan Absolute Bumpers are guaranteed not to depart from the plate or spin within the plate for the duration of the warranty.

Vulcan Absolute Competition Bumper Plate Sets are spot tested and mechanically drop tested 10,000 times. A more extensive test than any of our competitors. All Vulcan Absolute Bumpers are manufactured in accordance with IWF specifications. We can only guarantee that Vulcan Absolute Bumpers will fit properly on Vulcan Barbells and other barbells made to IWF specifications. We cannot guarantee the fit on lower end bars that have not been manufactured with strict tolerances for the collar diameter.

We offer the largest selection of high quality competition plates available. Add our V-Lock Rubber Discs (change plates) in to any set for a superior combination.

* 5 Year warranty. Warranty covers steel discs departing from or rotating within the plate or plates breaking. Absolute Competition Plates should not be used outdoors, on bare concrete floors, or dropped on rubber flooring less than 3/8" thickness. Intentional misuse, neglect or abuse will void warranty.

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