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V-Lock Rubber Change Plates

Vulcan V-Lock All Rubber Change Plates

for Olympic Weightlifting solve the issues that are frequently experienced with metal change plates or rubber coated change plates.

  • No Metal Rusting
  • No Bar Damage
  • No Paint Chipping
  • No Rubber Peeling
  • No Sliding Off the Bar
  • No Noisy Clanging and Shaking
Vulcan V-Lock All Rubber Change Plates are constructed of solid virgin rubber. There is no metal in theses plates. Each Plate is precision molded to fit into the next plate, providing a very tight fit on the bar. Openings in the V-Lock Rubber change plate are precision machined to 50.2 mm. They will fit tightly on the bar and not slide off during the lift or when the load is dropped to the floor. V-Lock All Rubber Change plates are made in accordance with IWF Specifications.

V-Lock Change Plates are virtually indestructible. These plates have been used in USAW sanctioned Olympic Weightlifting competitions and used by many gyms and high level weightlifting gyms.

* Vulcan V-Lock Plates are not to be used or dropped on the bar alone without accompanying full size plates. Use in this manner voids any warranty. Dropping V-Lock Plates in this manner will result in damage to the plates. They are change plates only. You must use regular size bumper plates for dropping.

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